A Brief History of the Series of

The existence of decades, the nations of the replica watches uk series has undergone tremendous changes, the watch fans have also seen the series of dozens of iterative style and design style. However, although the series is certainly not as popular as Portugal or the big fly series is so popular, but it is still under the million with a number of innovative and milestone presence. We would like to give you a brief article on the history of the nations of the country, and we will have to give you a brief introduction to the history of the World Series of Wensheng Wensheng, Take a look at the peaks and valleys that have been experienced by the series over the years. The early nations of the text Everything began in 1969, the birth of the first replica watch , it is not equipped with so famous Beta 21 quartz movement. Indeed, the nations participated in Beta 21 research and development, which is a completely controlled by the quartz crystal watch movement (vibration frequency of 8192 Hz). The model for the 3501 Da Vinci series of quartz electronic watch case is a hexagonal design, compared with today's series of styles as if exudes a Sentimental atmosphere. However, this design has been a source of inspiration for follow-up watches, including the modern barrel-shaped appearance. This watch is a pioneer, as the then million under the new watch series, which has a very modern and bold design style, but also on the 70's design of the country had a certain impact (steel case, one Such as the engineer series of timepieces), but its main is equipped with Beta 21 movement, this million countries have been involved in the development of Switzerland's first quartz movement. 21 This number refers to the sum of the number of brands and manufacturers involved in the development, which includes the nations. The birth of the movement, in fact, the Swiss watch industry faced with the prelude to the quartz crisis of the small reaction, but they did not put it in mind, but then what happened, I believe we all know. A Brief History of the Series of In 1969, Da Vinci quartz watch (ref.3501), equipped with a Beta 21 movement And then there have been some of the "production-oriented" as the mainstream of the Da Vinci style to SL watch as the representative (reference model 3074), which is equipped with an improved version of the Beta 21 movement. The case has also become larger, which is typical of the 1970s style, in addition to a little bit of engineers SL watch elements (more refined integrated bracelet, more rounded angle). However, its case is still using a hexagonal design. Since then, there are a variety of iterative style was made out, male models, female models, fine steel models, precious metals, and so readily available ... A Brief History of the Series of 70 years Da Vinci SL watch, still carrying the quartz movement The iconic 1985 da Vinci calendar swiss replica watches The first major change in the series took place in 1985, the protagonist is surrounded by a very famous watch - Da Vinci series perpetual calendar watch (model 3750), the watch's perpetual calendar system by the then technical director Kurt Klaus And Mr. Günter Blümlein was the CEO of the nations at that time. Its arrival has a very important significance, because in the early 80s, the Swiss watch industry had to face some huge changes in the industry: people interested in excellent mechanical timepieces (from the simplest size of the three-pin to the complex Watch) gradually reduced to the watch collectors and connoisseurs of small circles, mechanical watches become more and more rare, and those who wear them are also regarded as "old school" or we often talk about "old antiques " Although the sales of all the old watchmaking manufacturers trying to instill the charm of the mechanical watchmaking and the greatness of the heart of the craftsmen, but no way, because the reasons for the quartz storm, customers have been thin and Exquisite and accurate and cheap electronic / quartz watch completely fascinated, so the results can be imagined. However, the mechanical movement of the process did not die in the hands of nations. A Brief History of the Series of Fabulous Da Vinci Calendar Watch (ref.3750) On Thursday, April 11, 1985, at an exhibition in Basel, an unusual player came: it was a perfect combination of sophisticated designs and complex calendar movement. Da Vinci calendar watch (model 3750). This was the first timepiece launched by the new Wenschen series, created by Hano Burtscher, the creative director of the world, who created the round appearance and articulated lugs. But the appearance of our first on the side, more importantly, this timepiece to declare the meaning: "Laozi (complex mechanical movement) to come back!" The late 70s of last century, Mr. Kurt Klaus developed the world's first Can display four years of age calendar module, all of its functions can be adjusted through the crown, and can be easily as an expansion module placed in any of the basic movement, from the simple size of the three-pin to the timing machine Core can be satisfied. And this piece of 3750 watch carried by the internal, is a large number of polished improved after the Valjoux 7750 movement + self-made perpetual calendar module, which was named Cal.79261. Its appearance is not only the representative of the success of the city of Schaffhausen, but also a symbol of the electronic watch after years of rule, the mechanical watch a comprehensive revival of the beginning. A Brief History of the Series of Ceramics Da Vinci calendar calendar (ref.3755) And the other can be attributed to the timepiece on the "first", it is the first for the use of ceramic material case. In 1986, the nations launched another Da Vinci calendar (model 3755), the world's first use of anti-scratch wear-resistant ceramic, black zirconia material to build the timepiece. A Brief History of the Series of Excellence and Rare 1995 Wanguo Vinci calendar double chase timing 3751 watch In order to commemorate the 10-year-old birthday of the Da Vinci series of automatic chronograph, Vanguard Vincent in 1995 launched a double chronograph chronograph, the disk has up to ten pointers (the same year the brand has launched a remarkable Portuguese Rattrapante Chronograph). The above three timepieces are the foundation of the series of styles introduced by SIUH in Geneva this year, both in terms of design style and craft inspiration. This style, together with its iconic appearance, quietly stay in the world's watch list which has been more than 20 years, over the years also derived a few or the use of new disk or add new complex functions The new timepiece. A Brief History of the Series of The picture above shows the example of 3754, the above double chase clocks of the iterative watch, so it is designed to highlight the modern atmosphere. We can clearly see some of the design elements here are also used in the 2017 series of models which, especially the layout of the disk and the design of digital time scale, etc.. Modern nations of the text A Brief History of the Series of In addition to the classic style of the series, the nations also introduced a "retro" watch, to pay tribute to those early hexagrams. The figure is model IW546101 watch, shape can not help but think of the beginning of the article 3501, but its internal is carrying a very modern self-winding movement. It is with the nations of the other "retro" watches together, such as Aquatimer marine series or engineers series. A Brief History of the Series of Later, in 2007, the nations launched the barrel-shaped appearance of the Da Vinci series of styles. Including the new world manufacturing machinery movement (the brand's first self-produced chronograph movement) of the Da Vinci Chronograph and the Da Vinci series Kurt Klaus calendar watch. This watch once again appeared in the innovation, such as when the stop, the sub-display, for more convenient to read the sub-dial on the display (sub-dial at 12 o'clock, this design is now applied to most of the world chronograph watch ) Or digital calendar, through the disk on both sides of the large calendar window, to display the date and month. The watch in 2017 SIHH million countries issued before the new Wensheng series, has been stuck in the list of countries in the watch. 2017 SIHH Geneva watch show, the new Wensheng series Da Vinci's story continues, this year it, with a new look and positioning, came to the side of the watch fans. Although so far has been a male models for the mainstream, but for the new Da Vinci series, the brand claimed that it is also a good choice for ladies. A Brief History of the Series of In accordance with the tradition of the past, the reorganization of the series this year, is the protagonist of this article Da Vinci. In fact, the past few years, the design of the barrel-type appearance is no longer as popular as before, so the series of overhaul is an imminent thing. So early 2017, the watch series to the history of the iconic style: 1985 Ref.3750 watch based on a new design transformation. They are "tracing the source" of the product, the first paragraph is the 3750 this classic time tribute to the tribute, whether in appearance or technology, are so. The peak of the tide, the tide of the ups and downs - the history of the nations of the history of the history of the peak of the tide, the tide of the ups and downs - the history of the nations of the history of the series of low tide, tide ups and downs - In addition, the nations at this year's Geneva show also released a number of other new watches, including the classic 40mm size automatic watch (can be seen as a large female or small size male form), "Lawrence Sports Public welfare foundation "chronograph watch and as the flagship style of the Da Vinci Tourbillon reverse chronograph watch. In general, the new design of the Da Vinci series in the future for a long period of time, will lead the presence of coquettish, this tribute to the classic practice, and will not feel the slightest sense of far-fetched, after all, classic Is the classic, I believe that every watch fans, will have these historical records of the time to be deeply attracted, of course, if the nations in their excellent mechanical technology and the relative price level to find a " Better "balance point, then the presumably Da Vinci series into the watch peak can be described as just around the corner. In any case, we all hope that the nations will be better and better in the days to come, and to create more and more outstanding and more excellent (more close to people) in the future, to create another one Belongs to its classic story.