Osu Children's Home

The Osu Children's Home in Accra, Ghana had its origins from a child Care Society which operated from a suburb of Accra.

The Society was established in 1949 by a Norwegian lady and some Ghanaian women to care for orphans and vulnerable children. The number of these children has increased over time as a result of industrialization and urbanization. In 1962, the Society came under the management of the Government of Ghana and was placed under the jurisdiction of the Department of Social Welfare. It was then moved to its present location at Labone and was renamed the Osu Children's Home.

Currently there are more than 200 children being cared for and protected in the home. The ages range from 0-23 years old. The population of this home fluctuates since some of the children are reunited with families, others are adopted, and new children are admitted to the Home.